About Me

Hello! I am Benson, and I study Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I am interested in web development, machine learning, and competitive programming.

I'll be starting school at the University of Waterloo in September this year, and I am actively looking for any opportunities, so feel free to contact me.

Past Projects

Besides school, I have worked on multiple projects on my own, and with friends.
Below is a list of projects that I have recently worked on, and a brief description for each.

List of Projects

Project Name Project Description
SignMyYearbook Website A website designed to allow users to register for their own yearbook page, and allow others to sign on their page. It is an idea inspired by the current COVID-19 situation where we are all social distancing, which makes yearbook-signing not an easy thing to do.
Essay Research Helper A web tool designed to help with the tedious process of researching. It scrapes through the top google results and returns the most relevant links and info based on your topic and keywords.
Online Shop A very nice looking website template to sell products online. It works with PHP, mySQL, HTML, and JavaScript to provide almost all the features an online store would need.
COVID-19 Twitter Bot A Twitter bot that provides up-to-date COVID-19 info. It tweets world info every day and responds to user requests, providing the COVID-19 info of the country that the user requested.
Tic Tac Toe AI An AI that would never lose in Tic Tac Toe. It is built with the minimax algorithm and python. It uses recursion to loop through the possible future moves and selects the best ones.
Connect 4 Game (PVP) A simple 2-player Connect 4 game with user-friendly GUI. It is built with the PyGame library.
Connect 4 Game (PVE) A simple Connect 4 game with user-friendly GUI, and it has an AI that the user can play against. The AI works with the minimax algorithm and its difficulty can be adjusted based on preference.


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School Email: yubin.shen@uwaterloo.ca
Personal Email: benson.syb@gmail.com